WingVortex: Project Wingman Support for Vortex

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Adds support for Project Wingman mods to the Vortex mod manager. Fully open-source.

WingVortex is a simple extension to add support for Project Wingman to the Vortex mod manager. With this extension you can install, remove and manage your Project Wingman mods using Vortex, perfect for players already familiar with Vortex.

This project is unofficial! We have no association with Nexus Mods nor with Sector D2 and is only a community project.

Full Vortex integration

Manage your Project Wingman mods the same way you manage any other Vortex-supported game.

Contributions welcome!

WingVortex is fully open-source and open to community contributions and fixes!

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Supports Most Mods

You should be able to install almost any mod for Project Wingman.