Alpha 0.2 Release

The latest pre-alpha of WingVortex

This release is now available on Nexus Mods.

This release is the second alpha of the Project Wingman extension!

There’s a bunch of updates to this version, some big and some quite small:

  • Skin Detection PREVIEW
    • I’ve enabled some very basic skin detection that will read your installed mod files and try to determine what skins (if any) are included.
    • You can check what skins a mod adds using the new Skins attribute in the Mods list (enable it from the gear icon in the top-right if its not visible)
    • Vortex will now warn you if you deploy multiple mods that change the same skin slot.
  • Minor fixes
    • The installer is slightly more stable than before (mostly thanks to stealing my own code)
    • The Open… shortcut in your Mods page can now jump quickly to your game folder, mods folder, settings folder, or your user data folder.

You should be able to install mods for Project Wingman from Nexus Mods or external archives in this release and support the basic Vortex features of install/enable/disable/deploy/purge.