Alpha 2.2 Release

The latest pre-alpha of WingVortex

This release is now available on Nexus Mods.

This release is the next alpha of the Project Wingman extension!

This one’s a minor fix update, building on the new PSM integration introduced in the previous update. Note that since we’re using some of Vortex’s newer bells and whistles now, this version will require Vortex 1.4 or higher. The previous 0.0.5 release will continue to be available for 1.3 users.

  • Project Sicario Merger integration should be more reliable
    • The PSM integration introduced in the last update could sometimes fail to detect PSM even if it was installed
    • We’re now a lot more forgiving about detecting PSM and will find it more reliably
    • If you’re still hitting issues with Vortex failing to find PSM, please let me know!
  • Fixed a few other smaller bugs and problems
    • There were a few errors that weren’t being handled properly, but these should be improved.
    • The load order window now has (a tiny bit) extra detail
    • This version is still working off the major changes from v0.2.1 so please report any bugs or give feedback.

PSM integration